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How's my portrayal of Litchi? Terrible? Fantastic? Need some brushing up in certain areas? Needs moar panda? Let me know here. Anon is on, comments screened, IP logging off. Final Destination, no items.

The mun can be reached at Nuklear Firefly on AIM if you'd prefer that. ♥

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Cut for action )

[Written | 20% Locked away from Taokaka, Noel Vermillion, and Relius Clover]

[It isn't until much later in the evening, after she's been nursed back into the world of the living, that Litchi writes. When she does, her handwriting is shaky but still legible.]

One thing I have noticed in my time here is that, for all our differences, our worlds are all very much the same. Even those things which we seem to think make our own worlds unique seem to exist somewhere with someone else.

I have a question for everyone. And any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

In my world, we have a place we call the Boundary. It's [Pause. A wider space than necessary appears here.] a lot of things, really. But to keep it simple, it's a source of immense power and knowledge. A colleague of mine theorized that it contains the ultimate truth. In any case, normal humans cannot be exposed to its power for long. It breaks down the body and the mind until there isn't anything left.

I've been trying to find a cure for that erosion for many years. Convential, traditional, and even magical medicines can slow it, but can't stop it altogether, let alone reverse it. They treat the symptoms, not the disease.

If anyone has anything like this in their world, or has found a way to stop effects like this, please let me know. I'd forever be in your debt.

[[ooc: Yui will be finding Litchi, then any doctor is free to jump in to help. ♥]]
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[Litchi is starting off her day with total and utter confusion. Instead of waking up in the comfortable, familiar dark of the apartment she shares with Thirteen, the sun is already coming up and illuminating a strange room instead. It's not their home back on Strangereal, so she can rule out the Malnosso sending them back - not to mention she wouldn't remember any Malnosso if that were the case. A slight panic starts to set in, not just at the unfamiliar surroundings, but also at the fact that - dun dun dunnnn - she's late for a shift at the clinic.

Although the unfamiliar room has her attention more, and that's the main reason why she's nudging her husband awake. David's always been the more level-headed between them. Maybe he can figure out where they are and what they're doing here.

Later on in the day, her bearings regained and feeling slightly miffed, Litchi will address the journals.]


My goodness. Another day completely blanked out. I really do hope the Malnosso stop interrupting our memories like this. Once is too many, but this many times...

[Well, she's getting off-track. She clears her throat, only slightly sheepish.]

Is everyone alright? Any injuries? Slight confusion seems to be a trend today, so I suppose we can ignore that as a symptom.

If anyone needs any help at all, please let me know. Even if you just need a hand re-orienting yourself.

[[ooc: AU info this-a-way! Litchi's been a military doctor for a few years, so please forgive her for being a little more bold and a little harsher than her usual self. ♥]]
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TL;DR action )

My goodness, this is all so familiar... Hello? Is anyone-- [Luceti Valley. Mu. Raining trees. She stammers to a stop for a moment before trying again.] --Is anyone there? I think...

[This is the headache of the century. Litchi stops again, leaning her forehead against the cool side of the tub until the Boundary quiets down again. That doesn't seem right. It wasn't this loud before, was it? ...Wait, it was, wasn't it...]

I think I may need some help. This is... Luceti, yes...? I'm afraid I woke up in the forest and I... seem to be missing a few things. [Her usual clothes. Memories. Mantenbou. A ring. Although the last one she has an itching suspicion was both very important and has a very low chance of being here.

And there's one other thing...]

Also, could anyone tell me if Tsubaki Yayoi or Kazuma Kval are still here? It would be a tremendous help.
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[Litchi awoke this morning to a slightly emptier house.

With some mounting sense of panic, she spent some time searching for the missing family member. It isn't until she wanders back into his room, beginning to go numb, that she notices the letters. The numb feeling just settles in deeper and deeper the more she reads, even though she's started to tremble all over. The gift he left her does nothing to ease the shaking, but that doesn't stop her from silently accepting it.

While the numbness lasts, she delivers the rest of the letters. Slips them under doors before the sun rises, hoping she doesn't need to talk to anyone. She's not even sure her voice will work if it comes down to it.

Just before retreating to her room and closing herself in, she writes in the journal, her handwriting small and increasingly shaky as the numb sensation begins to wear off. And then the journal is shut and stashed away, for the first time in at least a year. She doesn't think she has the strength to answer anyone just yet.]


To any that knew him [...] Major David Jordan ("Yellow 13") has been sent home.

I'm sorry.
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[It was bound to happen sooner or later. Between pushing herself with extra hours at the clinic and running around in the snow more than she should have, Litchi's awesome immune system has finally been conquered. It's little more than a common cold, but she knows she can't push it anymore and needs to rest. Much as she hates to admit defeat like this.

House 48 gets the honor of a puffy-eyed and sniffly Litchi making far more noise than she would like this morning (re: coughing from time to time), trying to make some tea. After that, she's going to bundle up in her room, more than likely forced there by housemates.

Towards mid-morning, feeling even worse about writing this than she feels sick, she drops a note in the journals.]

[Written | Filtered to Medical Staff/Volunteers/Students]

I am so terribly sorry for my timing on this, but I seem to have caught a cold. It shouldn't take more than a day or two to recover, but I didn't want to put any patients at risk by coming in to work while I'm contagious.

I'm sure the clinic will be just fine in the meantime, but if anyone needs me for anything, please don't hesitate to ask.

Please try to stay warm, everyone.
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[Today, while the sun is still up, anybody passing by House 48 may be treated to a sparring match complete with Filial magic tricks. The lawn is the battleground, and surprisingly isn't getting too torn up between Litchi and Thirteen practicing both magic and fighting moves. It's probably a little overdue, since Litchi definitely feels like she's been getting rusty, but the fight is more than a little flashy to make up for it. Fire, water, and wind magic makes things interesting, after all.

Once they're done tearing up the lawn, Litchi will be dragging Thirteen off for a trip around town. Feel free to run into them anywhere around town!

Later on in the night, Litchi settles down to try to settle some business that she hasn't been wanting to face for days.]

[Written | Unfiltered]

To all our clinic staff, volunteers, and anyone interested in becoming either one:

I think it may be time we all came together for a meeting to discuss a few things about the clinics. There are several [pause] recent developments that may need our combined attention.

I would especially love to hear from our Battle Dome volunteers and staff, if possible.

Thank you all so much,

Litchi Faye-Ling
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[Now that she's recovered from the Mu incident, Litchi is trying to straighten up loose ends. There's been a lot on her mind ever since it all happened, and there are definitely some things that need addressing. After a walk around the village, and a trip to the item shop to find some new glasses -- the left lens on hers was badly cracked in the attack -- she'll get down to addressing some notes over the journals. On the way to and from the item shop, though, she's pretty much blind as a bat and may be walking into people. Sorry, Luceti!

Both messages are written in tiny but very neat handwriting. One of the few doctors with legible handwriting.]

Filtered to Luceti's Healers/Doctors/Volunteers - Open to all, though )

Filtered to Catherine - 100% unhackable )

[[ooc: And if anyone wants to run into Litchi while she's glasses-searching, the temporary pair and only one she could find in the right prescription looks like this. She'll only be wearing them in the store while she looks, though, because she is too vain to wear them in public. :D;;

Edit: For better reference! Thank you to [personal profile] dreamfandom for this XD]]
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[Luceti. Your doom has arrived.

Litchi Faye-Ling awoke this morning with a tremendous desire to stuff people into costumes. And the ideas are abundant. She's not even drunk, but she still has her Radar going off whenever she sees just about anyone.

This a terror that should never be unleashed upon the innocent. This! Is! Cosplay!

Just about anywhere, just about all hours of the day and night, she is searching. There are costumes to be dealt out, and she is just the woman to do it.

Now would be a good time to start running.]

[[ooc: Today's theme is Pokemon! Because the mun could not think of anything else that had over 300 readily-available cosplays possible. Also, as always permission is nice with this. XD;]]
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[Just minding her own business here, browsing the journal, when suddenly...]


[No, there isn't snot all over, but she has knocked her glasses askew. Sniffle.] My word... I hope I'm not catching a cold... It's not even the right season.
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My word, it certainly has been an interesting month, hasn't it? And now we're due for a new set of New Feathers to arrive. Time really does fly...

To anyone who has just arrived here, welcome to Luceti. If any of you need any help settling in at all, please don't hesitate to ask. I'd be more than happy to lend a hand wherever possible. Even if you just need a bite to eat, believe me, there's more than enough to spare.

Speaking of that, though... if any of you are ever in need of any medical assistance, please don't hesitate to visit one of the clinics. We have one in the Battle Dome and one in the center of town. [And here her tone takes on a hint of teasing:] I promise we won't bite. We're here to help.

Now, then... Tao? If you can hear this, I think I owe you some time to "play." Don't keep me waiting, hm~?

[And true to her word, she'll be out in front of House 48 to wait on Tao for a sparring match. She's way out of practice and the cat needs to get it out of her system from time to time, after all. Anybody passing by later may want to watch out for a bo staff, flames, and cat claws. They're just playing, I swear.]
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[With all the experiments and insanity at the clinic finally dying down, and the weather finally warming up (and not pouring rain), it's time for a break. Litchi has been looking forward to this trip for months, and finally having her chance to get out of the house and have some time alone with David is a huge relief.

Even though she can see the rainclouds starting to build up on the horizon, this is still their chance to get out for a day or two. And hopefully this time will not end in fiery sneezes.

What better destination for a romantic day off than the hot springs?]

[[ooc: Feel free to run into Dave and Litchi on their way to the hot springs! Although they may lineface a bit. Thread with Dave chronologically comes last.]]
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[The past few days have been a little overwhelming. Between Hinamizawa Syndrome and Nu getting smashed and several hours of overtime at the clinic, Litchi is hitting the point where she's getting burned out. Rather than keep pushing herself, she's actually taking a day off. It's a rainy day, after all; what better time for a break?

She's halfway through one of the novels Thirteen gave her for Christmas when she decides she's reading a little too fast. Time to get some opinions.]

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good book? I'm afraid I'm running out of things to read and the weather today certainly makes staying in with a book sound like a good idea. Really, I'm open to any genre.

[Filtered to Robert Hastings | Unhackable]

Professor Hastings? I know I promised to let you know how Nu is doing... She'll be alright with some rest. I've done the best I can with her, now it's only a matter of time.

Are you doing okay? I'm sorry for that scare yesterday...
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I hope everyone's holiday is going well! It's nice to see the sun out after all the snow and wind, isn't it? Although I suppose it's still a little chilly. It really is a wonderful day to spend with your loved ones.

But everyone, please, remember moderation. I'd hate for anyone to get sick from too much chocolate on a beautiful day like this. If anyone does get a bad stomachache, then please don't hesitate to come by the clinic.

Speaking of... David, I should be able to leave by sunset. Should I just meet you back at home?
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[Tonight, Luceti. Tonight, Litchi is out for an ~*adventure*~. An adventure starting from the bar and slowly working its way out around the village.

...She's definitely had a little too much to drink tonight.

After spending some time in the Good Spirits Bar, harassing other customers, she'll eventually find her way out into the cold night, set on an adventure. Dragging along one David Jordan, and probably also plenty of other people along the way.

But it's not an adventure unless they're dressed for it, right~?]

[[ooc: Anyone who hasn't replied to the permissions post to let me know if drunk!Litchi can dress up your characters, please let me know! Today's theme is Disgaea. 8D]]
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TL;DR introspection :D; )

[Today, a few hours before sundown, Litchi heads out for a walk. Normally, she'd be stopping several times along the way to talk to people or stop in a store, but today, she just looks quiet and withdrawn. Her troubles are clear on her face, but despite the cold and the snow covering the ground, she'll be out until well after sundown.

It's time to get her thoughts straight. Time to decide -- move on? Or keep clinging to the hope that somehow, things will go back to how they were so long ago?

While she's out walking, she'll make a slow circle through the entire village. Anyone running into her around the village is sure to notice her distracted demeanor, but she won't exactly turn down anyone to talk to (in fact, she could probably use that right about now). Eventually, she'll find her way back to House 48 and stop uncertainly halfway up the walkway.

...It's now or never.]
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[Anybody walking past House 48 today is bound to smell the aroma of cookies. Tons of them. Litchi went a little overboard in preparing some holiday food - as per usual, since the woman never cooks in anything less than army proportions. The house itself is decorated rather nicely; lights, garland, mistletoe, holly, you name it, it's probably strung up somewhere. This may not be a holiday Litchi usually celebrates, but dammit if she's not getting into it anyway. She has her "family" to celebrate with and that's all that really matters.

But there's still the problem of just how many cookies she has here. There's definitely way too much for just her and Tsubaki and Thirteen... and although she knows Tao could eat all of them, she doesn't want to let the catgirl eat too much. And so, a very cheerful Litchi puts a call out over the journals:]


Would anybody like some cookies? I think I made a bit too much, and there's certainly more than enough to go around. If anybody would like some, just let me know and I can bring them by.

The snow really is beautiful today, isn't it...? Just be sure to keep warm, everyone. I'd hate for anyone to fall ill with all the festivities going on.

[[ooc: Anyone is welcome to cookies! Feel free to either come knocking on the door of the house or just ask even if Litchi doesn't know your character. :D Also, she has presents for friends. Go nuts!]]
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[Litchi started out this morning with the intention of getting some groceries, but the sheer number of new people in the village is making her pause. And look a little dumbfounded.

Why is she getting a really bad feeling the clinic is going to be overrun something fierce...?

She'll just be making her way to the store and then trying to make it back to House 48 without bumping into too many people.

Give her a hand? Knock the groceries out of her arms? Just stand there and whistle at her? Your choice!

She'll also be making her way back into town to try to find some familiar faces later on, because if Kokonoe or Tager or Bang have found their way here, she wants to see them.]


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